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Our Story

Designed by us. For us.

Quantum Innovation Labs arose from the frustration of the current market’s absence of genuine

USP-grade Methylene blue powder. Our pursuit of this premium product revealed that brands

labeled as USP grade often fell short, being nothing more than a low-quality imitation,

undeserving of the USP mark. This frustration was compounded by the lack of a straightforward

method for converting Methylene blue powder into a solution without the potential for mess. As

you may know, working with Methylene Blue powder can result in a messy experience.

Patience is a Virtue.

Recognizing the potential of MB, our mission became clear: to locate the highest

quality premium pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue available. Following

numerous months of relentless efforts, we are confident that we have finally

identified what we were searching for – Ultra-pure MB powder that adheres to 

current USP grade standards, as stipulated by the present USP monograph


Our Journey Continues.


Quantum Innovation Labs aspired for more than what we considered the highest

quality USP grade Methylene Blue available. We were committed to formulating

a strategy to deliver this product with precise accuracy, all while ensuring

convenience and reducing the potential for any mess.

Smart People find Smart Solutions.

As we went about our usual routine, preparing the 1% Methylene Blue solution was just another task on the list. We removed some powder from its original vial, measured 1 gram, poured it into a bigger vial, added distilled water, and mixed everything. But on that day, something unexpected happened. A bit of the powder missed the mark and landed on the table, leaving a vivid blue stain. From across the room, a voice exclaimed. “It would be so much more convenient if the powder came in a larger vial; then, we wouldn’t have to transfer this messy powder.” In an instant, we exchanged knowing glances. And at that moment, the vision of the Methylene blue kit was born.

Transparency is at Our Core.

We include a third-party certificate of analysis with each order. If you wish to review the results before

placing your order or require an MSDS, send a request to our support, and we will be more than

happy to provide them for you.