USP Grade Methylene Blue Powder Kit



  • 6X 1 gram USP-Grade Methylene Blue powder
  • 1X 100 ml beaker
  • 1X funnel
  • 1X 1 ml measured glass dropper
  • 1X 0.20 ml mister pump
  • 1X certificate of analysis
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Quantum Innovation Labs 99+% Methylene Blue Pharmaceutical Grade Powder (6 Grams). Convert Methylene Blue Powder to a Methylene Blue USP Grade 1% Solution With Ease!

Embark on a transformative path to optimal health with Quantum Innovation Labs’ Comprehensive USP Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Blue Powder Kit. This kit embodies pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue powder, precision tools, and the convenience of a mess-free solution. Empower yourself to craft personalized solutions of varying strengths, all backed by the assurance of our Independent Certificate of Analysis.

Discover the Benefits of Methylene Blue Powder

Unleash your potential and immerse yourself into a world of cognitive enhancement, mental clarity, improved mood, neuroprotection, and cellular rejuvenation. With our kit, you can embrace the powers of Methylene Blue. It’s more than just another product; it’s your gateway to unlocking the best version of yourself.

Pharmaceutical Grade Purity, Unmatched Customization

 Our Methylene Blue kit is meticulously designed to deliver superior quality ingredients and simplify your methylene blue powder to solution supplementation needs. The kit includes:

  • 6 Premium 1 Gram Vials: 1 gram of USP-Grade Methylene Blue Powder resides within each vial. These vials are sealed for superior quality and potency and to ensure optimal preservation.
  • 1 Carefully Crafted Effortless Solution: Enjoy a hassle-free process by simply adding distilled water to the vial. There is no need to transfer messy powder! These vials will accommodate up to 100 ml of distilled water, allowing you to easily create a solution tailored to your desired strength.
  • 1 Precision 0.20 ml Mister Pump: Achieve consistent and precise dosing with every pump. Our mister is carefully crafted for minimal waste and is good to the last drop.
  • 1 Custom Designed 1 ml Glass Dropper: Experience unparalleled dosing accuracy. Our custom-designed glass-measuring dropper sits a mere 2mm from the bottom of the vial to ensure minimal waste.
  • 1 Convenient Beaker: Streamline your solution preparation process with the included beaker.

Craft Your Wellness, Your Way

 Unleash the power of customization. Quantum Innovation Labs’ uniquely designed kit empowers you to tailor your solution’s strength to your desired needs. Our simple-to-understand instructions and dilution chart will guide you through your journey.

Confidence in Quality

 QIL’s Methylene Blue Kit includes an Independent Certificate of Analysis, a testament to our commitment to transparency and quality. This certificate serves as validation for the purity and excellence of our USP pharmaceutical-grade Methylene Blue Powder. Adhering rigorously to USP guidelines, this certificate gives you peace of mind as you embark on your journey toward enhanced wellness.

Elevate Your Well-being Today!

 Embrace a new era of health optimization with a well-crafted solution designed to guide your methylene blue journey with quality, precision, and ease. – Secure your Quantum Innovation Labs Methylene Blue Kit now and embark on a remarkable experience as you unlock the best version of yourself.


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